Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash…I have heard about you for so long and now I have finally experienced the joy! As you can learn online, there are a million ways to cook (bake, roast, etc.) the squash, but since this is “Cheap and Easy,” I include the fastest means below: Cut the squash in half lengthwise (see above)….

Veggie Galaxy – Cambridge, MA

Veggie Galaxy, a vegan/vegetarian diner & bakery in Cambridge, MA has just introduced a gluten-free menu! They’ve had gluten-free bread from the beginning, but now have even more GF/vegan options: – their GF bread is vegan – their vegan house cheese is now GF, plus they serve Daiya – they’ve made GF versions of seitan…

Tofu Pups

Oh my goodness, when I found out these were gluten free (thanks to this PETA post), I was so psyched! By far the worst part of being a gluten-free vegan is being unable to participate in the fake burgers, turkey, cold cuts, dogs, etc. (either at all or to a lesser extent than a normal…

Organics Box – Day 1

Veggies: 1 Green Bell Peppers (MA) 1 bunch Kale (MA) 1 lbs Onions (NY) 1 lbs Potatoes (MA) 0.5 lbs Roma Tomatoes (MA) 1 head Romaine Lettuce (MA) Fruit: 1 lbs Bananas (Ecuador or Peru) 1 Bartlett Pears (WA) 2 Honeycrisp Apples (WA) 1 Kiwis (New Zealand) 1 Pluots (CA or WA) 1 Valencia Oranges (CA) I received my first box of organic produce through Boston Organics…

Carrot Raisin Salad

Ingredients: Carrots (shredded) Raisins (chopped) Walnuts (chopped) Maple syrup (dressing, adjust as you like) Lemon juice (dressing, adjust as you like) Combine all ingredients and mix! Taste and adjust dressing/seasoning. Adapted from: The Copycat Cook, found via Finding Vegan

Amy’s Kitchen Organic Soups

Amy’s organic soups (actually organic, not big brand organic) are so delightful. There are 29 varieties, and about 80% are both gluten-free and vegan (but check the ingredients!).  The also serve other diets. I’ve never tried one that wasn’t good. $3 a can perfect for a quick/easy lunch or dinner.