Welcome to my initiation into the online ranks of millions of food bloggers that no one cares about!

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So, it’s not always easy to eat a gluten-free vegan diet, but I have been attempting it for awhile and–thanks to lots of ingredients and other bloggers’ inspiration–it’s going great! However, I don’t have time to soak cashews for 10 hours then process them into homemade butter that I will use to create a vanilla filling for made-from-scratch organic buckwheat crepes. I don’t have the patience to sprout oat groats for 3 days in my pantry, changing the water supply each day. So this blog will suggest quick and easy, cheap and affordable ways to maintain a gluten-free vegan diet. I’m keeping the recipes as simple as possible. There may not even be measurements…just use your judgement!

I may also highlight interesting articles on why to pursue a vegan diet, however I will not show underground videos from chicken farms–never fear!

Vegan/gluten-free copycat items are dishes that normally strike out in both categories…but not on this blog!!

Disclaimer: Some photos are not my own.


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