Product Review: Munk Pack

As a gluten-free vegan, looking to stay healthy, maximize my time, and still eat delicious food and spend as little money as possible, I am always looking for delicious, portable, nutrient-packed, pre-made snacks that I can eat on the go in any situation. So, you can imagine my excitement at discovering Munk Pack!

Munk Pack
Munk Pack

Named after chipmunks who eat high-quality, natural foods, Munk Packs are portable packs (no refrigeration required!) of smoothly blended, tasty combinations of fruit, oatmeal, and other ingredients such as quinoa and coconut depending on your flavor.

Each pack has many benefits, which I’ve broken into 2 categories:


  • It’s not a bar!! If you’re anything like me, you’ve eaten every power, protein, energy, and granola bar under the sun. You have your favorites, and even different bars for different occasions, but how many bars can we really eat? This is a refreshing twist on portable energy food that delivers just as much nutrition that will keep you going! Yet it’s full of “100% whole grains” – oatmeal, flax (& quinoa in 1 flavor)
  • It’s not cumbersome smoothies/fruit! While delicious and portable, smoothies take time to prepare and require lots of clean up. Even the best fruits are prone to squishing in your bag. However, without these issues, Munk Packs taste like fresh fruit smoothies and are packed with at least 2 types of fruit per flavor.
  • 3 great flavors– usually I like a classic flavor best like Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, and that didn’t disappoint in the comfort-food oatmeal flavor, but the winner for me was actually Raspberry Coconut, with the tangy unique blend of flavor, closely followed by Blueberry Acai Flax, which is my ideal smoothie I’d make at home if I had time, blended with filling oatmeal and perfectly packaged!
  • Sweet but not too sweet– sweetened with fruit only, the flavor is sweet and delicious without being overly sugary
  • Gluten-free, vegan, kosher
  • 3g fiber per serving, also a good source of vitamin C, potassium


  • BPA-free pouch so you don’t have to worry about chemicals
  • Non-GMO ingredients to not negatively impact the planet
  • Vegan products are also good for the planet!
  • 1% of sales are given to carefully vetted environmental sustainability nonprofits!

So, overall, for about same price as a granola bar or a bottled smoothie, I am extremely grateful to have a new option that mixes up tastes and nutrition possibilities when I am on the go (which is basically all the time!). Munk Packs are perfect for:

– Small breakfast on the go
– Pre- or post-work out
– While traveling

and so much more. I think kids would love them as well as adults! Here’s how to see what stores near you sell it, or you can order cases on Amazon, which shakes out to $2.50 per pack with free shipping.


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