BBQ Tempeh with Creamy Grits (adapted from Bryant Terry)

BBQ tempeh
BBQ tempeh with creamy grits and collard greens

Bryant Terry has an awesome recipe for tempeh with creamy grits—the only problem is that all-told the recipe must take 3-4 hours to make, not even counting soaking cashews overnight. So, in this post, I offer the lazy-cook (aka, me), super-speed-up version, without stealing any of the secrets from the original, which you absolutely must get by buying this book: Vegan Soul Kitchen (or his brand new book, Afro-Vegan). Okay, enough about my adoration of Bryant Terry. Down to the recipe. As a gluten-free person, you must be careful to purchase tempeh that does not contain barely or other wheat/celiac-problem grains. They love to sneak them into tempeh!

BBQ tempeh: Use a BBQ or other sauce (I used maple chipotle). Marinate the tempeh in the sauce in a container or bag in the sauce in the fridge for 20 minutes or so before frying in a saucepan for best effect.

Creamy grits: Cook grits in microwave or a rice cooker. Using part veg broth with the water is an option. Stir in non dairy milk (I like unsweetened almond) as it cooks or after, as well as some garlic (minced or powder), and nutritional yeast. Earth balance optional!

Collard greens: The original recipe is just grits & tempeh, but stir frying some collard greens quickly in olive oil or veg broth or heating up some black eyed peas could be some other great side dishes to an already phenomenal meal!


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