Fall Seasonal Menu

Thanksgiving Plate
Thanksgiving Plate

A gluten-free vegan feast doesn’t have to be difficult! These were all fairly low-maintenance recipes (lots of oven roasting)

Lentil mushroom walnut mini loaves (served with not homemade Trader Joe’s jalapeño cranberry sauce)
* Recipe linked; I buy cranberry sauce instead of making to save time. I also use pre-cooked Trader Joe’s lentils (sold in a box in produce section for about $3) to save time. I don’t use all the precise spices. As long as you have some lentils, veggies, and walnuts in a food processor, with a bit of oat flour and a flax egg to stick, these work well. You can bake as balls, patties, or in a muffin tin, or as loaves.
Buffalo brussel sprouts with cashew cheez dipping sauce
These were not like breaded “wings.” Simply douse brussel sprouts in your favorite buffalo or another spicy sauce, then roast at 425 until the brussels are somewhat soft (25min+). There are tons of options for a dipping sauce, you can pick based on your taste, but the best basic ingredients include: vegan mayonnaise (recommend vegenaise or just mayo); raw cashews (soaked or unsoaked), tofu, nutritional yeast, garlic, apple cider vinegar (combine in food processor).
Braised kale with apple, pear, walnut
* Recipe linked; I added pear & red onion
– Mashed potatoes
Already gluten-free! Too easy to make vegan! Boil potatoes (I prefer leaving a little skin on), then blend in food processor with a bit of unsweetened almond milk (or other non dairy milk) and earth balance, garlic, salt, pepper to taste!
Sweet potato fries with banana sour cream dipping sauce (I’m all about sauces)
* cut sweet potatoes, roast at 425, serve with sauce, which is Tofutti sour cream & a banana blended in food processor
Blueberry cornbread
* use Glutino mix or another kind- prepare with flax eggs, earth balance, and non-dairy milk+1 tbsp apple cider vinegar (if calls for buttermilk as a substitute). Simmer defrosted frozen blueberries in saucepan with a tablespoon of maple syrup. Pour the batter into the pan first, then pour blueberry mixture on top.

blueberry cornbread
blueberry cornbread

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