Avocado Overdose

All these avocados just begging to be eaten is a sight from heaven for me:


I can throw them into a food processor to make 5 ingredient guacamole (avos, garlic, salt, pepper, lemon or lime juice) or a raw chocolate tart. I’ll also be exploring a new raw tart (key lime) of soaked cashew/avocado filling and a nut/date crust!

You can also add avocado to any smoothie, or crush with ice and sugar for an easy Asian-inspired drink. They are high in fiber and vitamin K, and if you ever don’t eat an avocado because it’s full of fat, you are crazy! An avocado per day will keep the doctor at bay (unless you are allergic!), not cause you to get fat. Especially when you can use it in place of truly fattening things like cream cheese, processed meat, and mayo.

Here’s another avo recipe I’m dying to try!

Be sure to eat avocado slices on sandwiches, pizzas (especially EASY PIZZAS), on top of rice and beans, or with basically anything! You can even put it in mac n cheeze! See a vegan thai avocado curry dish I got at Spice Thai Restaurant in Harvard Square below!

Pro tips: Avocados keep for a surprisingly long time in the fridge! Just be wary going past 1, 1.5, 2 weeks! Here’s how to tell if they’re ripe. Cut with a knife the long way around (per photo), then use a large spoon to scoop the fruit out the skin–it’ll come right out! No need to peel skin. Hang onto the pits and keep them stored with avocado you don’t use, or to keep guacamole green! Keeping the pit in the same container means the chemicals it releases will keep the fruit fresh longer (learned that from Rip).

Avo Curry
Avo Curry

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