A Gluten-free, Vegan Tour of Boston & Jamaica Plain

My move to the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of took place around my getting serious about eating vegan, so I’m pleased to have a million options in my town. Grateful I can follow this diet and still eat good!

Glutenus Minimus Truck
Glutenus Minimus Delivery Truck

I’ve been following Glutenus Minimus bakery for awhile, but they finally started making vegan chocolate chip cookies and a series of flavors of vegan muffins (in addition to being gluten free). They deliver to Equal Exchange Cafe near North Station or you can go to their store!

Curry Tofu w/ sriracha, carrots & sprouts, toasted scallions, greens

A steady favorite is Momogoose food truck. They have several trucks around Boston and now Sate Grill near South Station. Their tofu dishes are always vegan, and the curry is also gluten free. They have rice and rice noodles!

Taco Party Truck Tacos
Taco Party Truck Tacos

After much stalking, I found Taco Party Truck, and all-vegan taco truck. Limited gluten-free options but they’re there to enjoy!!

Vegetarian Options w/ Rice at Blue Nile
Vegetarian Options w/ Rice at Blue Nile

Most Ethiopian restaurants serve injera bread which is mostly teff (and therefore GF), but sometimes contains wheat. Blue Nile, some of the best of this cuisine around, provided a happy gluten-free alternative!

Soda Pop
Organic Soda Fountain

A full soda fountain of natural soda options at City Feed in Jamaica Plain!

Vegan/gluten-free entree at Vee Vee
Vegan/gluten-free entree at Vee Vee

Vee Vee is a small, upscale restaurant in Jamaica Plain. They offer this gluten-free, vegan dish of a stuffed tomato and summer squash (stuffed with mushroom, artichoke, arborio rice) with creamless creamed corn, salsa verde, and crispy parsnip chips on top; plus a 3-course vegan prix fixe meal on Wednesdays night.

Avocado “ice cream” with hot fudge from Fomu

That there is now a location of Fomu the Boston vegan ice cream shop in Jamaica Plain is basically the best thing ever. This was avocado ice cream (surprisingly good), vegan rainbow sprinkles, and vegan hot fudge. THE BEST.

Loving some Fomu! (all vegan “ice cream” shop)

I make people come to Fomu with me. We love Fomu! (GF cones!!! sugar OR cake cones!)


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