Grilled Cheese with Bacon

Tempeh Bacon
Tempeh Bacon (photo credit: Vegan Crunk)

I know, are you on the wrong blog??? No!! It is not 100% GF, but I’m sooooo close to re-creating this delicious monster.

The Gluten-free Vegan Grilled Cheese with Bacon:

– Take your favorite brand of gluten-free bread (these seem to be the best vegan options). It’s usually frozen so microwave it for about 20 seconds.

– Cut a slice of Daiya cheddar and place the slice(s) on one slice of the bread.

– Take tempeh bacon (LightLife & Tofurky brands are each delicious BUT have wheat in the soy sauce. Luckily, these don’t affect me as its such a small amount, but if you are very sensitive, marinate your own GF tempeh in some BBQ sauce and you’re basically all set). Set strips on the other slice of bread.

– Toast your bread (in a toaster oven- one slice covered in cheese, one in bacon) on the darkest setting. It is done when the cheese looks melted and the bacon is hot to the touch.

– Add sauteed onions, tomato, BBQ sauce, vegan mayo, avocado and/or whatever your heart desires.


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