Veggie Galaxy – Cambridge, MA

Veggie Galaxy

Veggie Galaxy, a vegan/vegetarian diner & bakery in Cambridge, MA has just introduced a gluten-free menu! They’ve had gluten-free bread from the beginning, but now have even more GF/vegan options:
– their GF bread is vegan
– their vegan house cheese is now GF, plus they serve Daiya
– they’ve made GF versions of seitan dishes
– they now serve GF, vegan pancakes and CAKES

Yellow Layer Cake with Taza Chocolate Frosting
Yellow Layer Cake with Taza Chocolate Frosting

I haven’t had cake in years and it used to be my favorite thing. This had the perfect moist texture, and the frosting was TO DIE FOR–no way you would think it was vegan. I can’t believe it uses the delicious, local Taza chocolate. Yes, I bought 2 pieces and yes, I had to take a bite before taking the picture.

Our meals were phenomenal. I had GF, vegan pancakes with banana butter, organic maple syrup, and candied spiced walnuts, plus veggie/tempeh bacon potato hash (pictured below)! My boyfriend had a GF, vegan reuben sandwich with delicious sauerkraut (picture to come).

GF, Vegan Breakfast
GF, Vegan Breakfast

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