Organics Box – Day 5

1 lbs Yams
1 lbs Carrots (MA)
1 head Green Leaf Lettuce (MA)
.75 lbs Leeks
1 lbs Scarlett Turnips (MA)
.75 lbs Baby Bok Choy (3 bunches)

Anjou Pears (WA)
1 lbs Bananas (Ecuador or Peru)
Granny Smith Apples (WA)
Plums (CA or WA)
1 Valencia Oranges (CA)

The menu yielded:

Sauteed Baby Bok Choy: Separate the stalks, saute in a little soy sauce and sesame oil. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. To die for!

Sauteed Turnips & Leeks: Serve mixed together, recommended with wild rice!
Turnips: Roast or microwave the turnips until they are soft. This may take a looong time! Once they’re cooked, remove the skin and cut into small pieces. Saute with garlic.
Leeks: Cut off the leaves and the very bottom of the white root. The light green to white long part is edible. Cut it in half lengthwise, then chop horizontally into pieces. Simmer with vegetable stock and olive oil for 7ish minutes. Soooo unbelievably delicious!

I also made a honeynut squash (picture a squat, mini butternut squash) I had bought at a local food festival. It cooked in about 10 minutes at 400 degrees (really quick for squash) and was SO delicious–tasted like it had sugar in it. Peel it and cut it up like a butternut squash.


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