Organics Box – Day 4

Rainbow Carrots
Rainbow Carrots (photo credit: Smitten Kitchen)

1 lbs Blue Potatoes (MA) (they look royal purple! can’t wait to see how they taste & look on the inside)
1 lbs Rainbow or Orange Carrots (MA) (see above–SO cool)
1 lbs Red Beets (MA)
1 bunch Red Kale (MA)
1 head Romaine Lettuce (MA)
1 lbs Yellow Onions (MA)

1 lbs Bananas (Ecuador or Peru)
Bosc Pears (WA)
Gala Apples (WA)
Kiwis (New Zealand)
Pluots (CA or WA)
Valencia Oranges (CA)

The menu yielded:

Roasted Rainbow Carrots: See my post for roasted carrots or this great recipe combining roasted carrots with avocado.

More to come!

More Rainbow Carrots!
More Rainbow Carrots! (photo credit: Cook Food. Mostly Plants)

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