Vegan Caramels

Vegan Caramels
Vegan Caramels (photo credit: Vegan Cuts)

Oh my gosh, I couldn’t resist (although this disqualifies from the “cheap” aspect of this blog)–my favorite gluten-free candy, now vegan!

Discount sampler box of gluten-free, vegan caramels available here:

Look at these flavors! (I’m adding my review of each flavor in parentheses as I eat it!)

  • Hawaiian Red Sea Salt – A classic caramel, fancied up a bit! (My review: Perfect combination of salty and sweet. Awesome texture!)
  • Dark Chocolate Hawaiian Red Sea Salt – Classic caramels are even better with chocolate. (My review: #2 favorite. The chocolate was rich without taking away from the caramel flavor. The chunks of sea salt made my taste buds jump with excitement. Amazing combination.)
  • Vanilla – A caramel for those who like to keep things simple.
  • Espresso – You know those coffee-flavored desserts that are way too mild? These are not like that.
  • Pumpkin Spice – All the flavor of autumn; made with actual pumpkin, no flavorings here! (My review: Has all the flavors and essence of freshly baked pumpkin pie or bread…straight out of the oven. I can’t believe how much delicious fall flavor is packed into the tiny caramel. More satisfying than a huge pie of non-vegan pumpkin pie!)
  • Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Spice – Autumnal spices + chocolate = win-win. (I don’t remember eating this one, and I was saving this for last! Did someone steal one of my caramels???)
  • Double Ginger – Do you REALLY like ginger? This one is for you! (My review: I thought this would be like eating pure ginger, but you could really taste the caramel–the flavor was flawlessly blended!)
  • Lavender Brown Sugar – A lavender infused twist on a classic, with rich deep flavor from dark brown sugar. (My review: The brown sugar taste was strong and sweet. The lavender infusion was subtle and a nice contrast to the sweetness. Its taste was reminiscent of a 1920s or 3os candy.)
  • Lemongrass Coconut – Lemongrass is an herb with a subtle citrus scent, a perfect partner for coconut. (My review: This was phenomenal. Neither flavor overpowered–it was just a delicious perfect blend of flavor!)
  • Blood Orange – A delicate fresh orange flavored treat. (My review: Perfectly blended flavor again. Really good.)
  • Spicy Mango – Sweet and mildly spicy with tons of organic mango. (My review: Could have been spicier, but I loved being able to taste the mango pieces separate from the texture of the caramel.)
  • Pomegranate Balsamic – In the words of the Vegansaurus blog, “Tangy, and not at all like a salad.” (My review: Tangy is right–it takes the sweetest, best elements of both ingredients to create an excellent caramel experience.)
  • Green Tea Chai – Made with a real green chai tea infusion for a complex flavor.
  • Spicy (cinnamon/chipotle) Dark Chocolate – The only thing better than dark chocolate is spicy dark chocolate. (My review: Such good flavor!)
  • Vanilla-Orange Creamsicle – Creamy, dreamy vanilla and orange all in one caramel treat. (My review: Soooo creamy! Orange is a nice, mild sweetness.)
  • Carrot Cake – Have your cake and eat it too with this treat made from fresh-pressed organic carrot juice. (My review: #1 favorite. This was amazing! It seemed to have walnuts or granulated brown sugar to give texture, and the carrot flavor was perfectly melded with the caramel)
  • Dark Chocolate Orange – Orange and dark chocolate; a match made in decadent heaven. (My review: Rich like a brownie, chocolate so dark it’s almost burnt, orange only adds sweetness)
  • Maple – Maple is the nectar of the gods.. or, you know, trees. (My review: Deep, strong flavor.)
  • Mocha – Coffee and Chocolate had a love affair and made this caramel just for you. (My review: The coffee flavor was so deep and rich, it was like the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had–inside a caramel!)
  • Limited Edition: Mulled Apple Cider – Made with local NY State organic apples, juiced and mulled by Feed Your Face. (My review: #3 favorite. The apple cider tastes just as fresh or even fresher than this would imply!!!)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    Ohhh…. my GOODNESS. Red Sea Salt?! Lavender Brown Sugar?! Pomegranate Baslamic?? Carot Cake?? Dark Chocolate Orange??? PUMPKIN????ANMSDKFJHKHERF amazing!!!

    1. Susan says:

      I just got the wonderful chance to try some of these courtesy of a Halloween goodie bag from another food blogger! I tried blood orange last night & mulled apple cider today, saving pumpkin for later.Oh. Em Gee. They are so smooth and melt-in-your-mouth, not obnoxiously chewy like so many caramels can be. Totally recommend for anyone else!!!

  2. sbesl says:

    Yay I’m so glad you got the chance to try them!! I really agree with you about not being “obnoxiously chewy.” They are perfect!

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