Collard Greens & Rice

Collard Greens & Rice
Collard Greens & Rice (photo credit: Taste Spottings)

I’ve never cooked with collard greens before and I am happy to say that the first time was a success!

– Collard greens (cut stems off where the leaf starts, discard. Chop rest of leaves into smaller strips- cut width-wise perpendicular to stem)
– Vegetable broth
– Garlic, salt, pepper, red pepper–any seasonings
– Brown rice (cook separately in a rice cooker for ease, or simmer with collards)
Optional: Tomatoes, beans, black eyed peas

Put a little olive oil/margarine in the bottom of a large pot. Add chopped collards, and after a minute or two of sauteing, pour in a small container of veg broth or half a large container. Simmer FOREVER like 30 minutes+. Add seasonings during cooking.

Meanwhile, cook up the rice and saute or prepare any of the optional veggies you might want to add. The collards will look done when they are (not as green).

Dump the rice and vegetables/beans into the collards/broth – enjoy!


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