Baked Peaches

Baked Peaches
Baked Peaches

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  • Choose peaches that are just ripe or slightly firm for baking so that they retain their shape while they are in the oven.
  • Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  • Slice a peach in half by cutting into it until your knife reaches the pit and rotating the peach around the knife. Twist and pull the two halves apart and pull the pit out with your fingers.
  • Set the peach halves in a small baking dish with the flesh side facing up. Add ingredients, such as a sprinkle of brown sugar, berries, orange zest, or orange juice, for added flavor.
  • Slide the dish into the oven and bake the peaches for 20 minutes, or until they have softened.
  • Remove the peaches from the oven and serve them with vegan ice cream, soy yogurt, or oatmeal/nuts.



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  1. Susan says:

    Nommm this sounds so good!!

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