Mango Tofu

Mango Tofu with Quinoa
Mango Tofu with Quinoa

My pride and joy dish. I use a bottled mango sauce, of course–$2-3, delicious, and easy (S & F Chef Sauces from Whole Foods or you could use ANY brand from anywhere)–but you should be able to make it without that. I like to serve with quinoa.

2 Mangos
Red Peppers
Vinegar (white, brown rice, or apple cider)

Any veggies you want to add (mushrooms, onions, snap peas).

  • Take one mango, chop it up, blend it with 2 tbsp vinegar (or lime juice instead). Add chopped red pepper. You could also just rely on the natural mango juice and not make a sauce.
  • Cut tofu into pieces (size up to you).
  • Take the other mango, cut it into pieces.
  • Throw tofu and mango pieces into a large casserole pan (with any added veggies). Pour sauce over it. Heat around 350 for 20 minutes.

This could also be a stir fry.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    I have eaten this and it is delicious indeed! I totally recommend!

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